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There are two types of dermal fillers: products based AH biphasic and monophasic products AH. The first are composed of HA gel particles suspended in a fluid stabilized HA unstabilized. Conversely, the products AH monophasic, Revanesse® as those of the range are composed of fully stabilized without HA gel particle. Its advantages are twofold.

First, the two phase decomposition of HA in the body is different from that of HA monophasic. In the biphasic products AH and gel phases of the fluid behave differently. HA biphasic undergoes initial rapid degradation of the fluid that carries unstabilized AH and slower degradation of HA stabilized gel; to compensate for this, the doctor will perform a
“Over-correction”. The AH-phase, meanwhile, is degraded in a simple and uniform manner, allowing the physician to compensate for the desired appearance while taking care to adjust to achieve the final result. In addition, the compact remains monophasic AH when added to water
(ie d. he did not dissociate himself) while products based biphasic AH more disperse and separate to form visible microparticles. That is why some patients who received treatment with biphasic AH underwent initial volume loss with residual spheres unlike patients treated with monophasic AH.

Secondly, the entire syringe contains fine and soft particles amalgamated. The uniformity of the composition provides the desired qualities in respect of smoothness, uniformity and accuracy of filling.

The greatest care has been taken in the design of fillers of Revanesse® range to facilitate injection. Syringes feature extra wide fins and larger pistons to optimize their use. This new presentation provides more flexibility for physicians when they perform the injection.

With our formula hyaluronic acid capable of shear thinning, all the more viscous products Revanesse® range even (Revanesse® Ultra), can be injected easily through small gauge needles without damaging the integrity of the gel.

Safety is our main concern. The HA used in the range of products is obtained by Revanesse® biosynthesis, which makes it safe and non-pathogenic to humans. With less than 0,025 IU / mg endotoxin and less than 2 ppm of protein, it exceeds by far the purity advocated for AH. Fillers of Revanesse® range are totally free of components of animal origin to reduce the risk of immunogenic reactions. The HA used in the range of products is integrated Revanesse® naturally in the tissues, which allows the skin to look healthy and natural


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