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HYAcorp MLF 1 Body Contouring 10ml



Hyacorp MLF 1 – Indication
HYAcorp MLF 1 is specifically designed to restore volumes and reshape small areas of the body. It can correct and improve the silhouette but also redesign the calves, and pectorals.

HYAcorp, the only range of hyaluronic acid dedicated for the face and body!

This product is used with Sculpt Face Canulla 16G x 120mm.

HYAcorp MLF 1 comes in the form of a transparent viscoelastic gel of cross-linked hyaluronic acid to correct body volume and achieve a sculpted silhouette.

It is a high purity medical device intended for single use. The product is made from a hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin.

The depth of injection depends on the area injected.

Difference between Hyacorp MLF 1 and Hyacorp MLF 2
The difference between the two Hyacorp MLF 1 and 2 lies in the difference in size of their particles although they have the same concentration of hyaluronic acid (20 mg).

HYAcorp MLF 1 is designed for contouring and remodeling small areas of the body such as hands, calves or even correcting concave deformations.

Thanks to a formulation with larger particles, HYAcorp MLF 2 is specially designed for the volume and contour of the buttocks.

Treated areas
This filler can be used on:

And concave deformations
Not suitable for genitalia

Product use
This product is injected into the deep dermis. This product requires a technical gesture that must be performed by an authorised professional.

Hyacorp MLF 1 Results
The small areas of the body which have been treated regain volume and density for a rejuvenated look. Thanks to its cross-linking degree and concentration, the effects of this product last on average 9 months.

Treatment will need to be renewed in order to maintain the effects obtained.

Composition of Hyacorp MLF 1

1 syringe of 10 ml
Composition (for 1ml)

Hyaluronic acid: 2.0 mg
Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid: 20.0 mg
Sodium chloride: 6.9 mg
Water for injection: 1.0 ml
The product is made from a hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin


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